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Thank you for your interest in learning about the author of this blog. I’m Barrie Callender and I am a freelancer mostly working with Oracle Primavera products as a Project Management System Implementation Consultant. I work at Workpattern Limited where my wife and I are the only two shareholders.

You can contact me via email me at barrie@callenb.org or through twitter on @callenb. Now the introduction is over, we should get to know each other. I’ll start by telling you a little about me.

At most places where I work, I often end up being called the Primavera P6 Guru or something similar. I started a site about Oracle Primavera which was full of good intentions but very little content as of today. More of that later.

I have always been interested in software development and as much as I enjoy the world of project consulting, I believe I would be happier writing software for a living. I never intended to be involved in Project Management, but somehow landed a job supporting Artemis 2000 in November 1987. That was for Metier Management systems where I stayed for 13 years and four takeovers. I then spent 5 years at Pinnacle Management Systems Inc and a further 10 at what became Ten Six Consulting.

I started my own company in June 2016 to see what would happen. After reading Technical Blogging by Antonio Cangiano I decided to start this blog. Antonio is very clear the blog needs a theme. I had also realised one can’t just start a company and see what happens.  I just didn’t know what was the best thing to do, so turned over a few stones to look underneath them.

What Is This Blog About?

I had been listening to the The Tim Ferriss Show podcast and reading books and articles about getting the best out of my life.  I was reading stories instead of taking action.  At one point it seemed I just didn’t believe strongly enough to take action. The next time I began to read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, I got to the Dreamline bit and decided what I really needed was to go public to put a bit of pressure on me to get me to act.

Boom!, there it was, the theme of this blog will be me going public about what I get up to on my journey trying to implement a change to my life roughly based on The Four Hour Work Week. I have no idea if this will work out but so long as I learn something trying I’ll mark it up as a success and move on.

My Personal Objectives

I want more time to spend with my family and doing things I want to do. I write a journal most weekdays which always finishes with I will write an application to make money so I don’t need to do full-time consulting work. It illustrates what I currently think I need to do to get what I want. However, I am sure when I get there it may be different than what is currently in my head. That is part of the fun.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction and find future articles useful. Sign up to the mailing list. There will be a Newsletter at some point. I want to see how close I can get to 1,000 people signed up to the newsletter by the end of 2019.

All the very best for 2018 and beyond.

Barrie Callender

Author: callenb

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