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A Target From near The Beginning

The picture is of our Kitten on top of a door in one of the rooms of our house. We are not sure how she decided this as a target or even how she got there.

Looking around the room we can think of more than one route she may have taken on her journey. I like to imagine she was down on the ground and decided it would be a good place to go to. Then she just tried different routes until she arrived on top of the door.

In the same vein I’d like to think I am in a similar place to where she was. This post is about how I started my journey.

Starting And Stopping

I think I suffer from procrastination. I believe the hardest thing for me to do is to get started and the second hardest is finishing. It seems I can go round and round the “doing” bit reasonably easy.

I think the problem I have with starting new stuff is fear about ending up doing the wrong thing. This only affects the type of work I have not done before. New to me is difficult. I thought I decided to start this blog months ago, but here I am two posts in (once this is published).


I’m Barrie Callender and I am a freelancer mostly working with Oracle Primavera products as a Project Management System Implementation Consultant.
I have always been interested in software development and as much as I enjoy the world of project consulting, I believe I would be happier writing software for a living.
This is a post about what the theme of this blog of mine.