Starting And Stopping


I think I suffer from procrastination. I believe the hardest thing for me to do is to get started and the second hardest is finishing. It seems I can go round and round the “doing” bit reasonably easy.

I think the problem I have with starting new stuff is fear about ending up doing the wrong thing. This only affects the type of work I have not done before. New to me is difficult. I thought I decided to start this blog months ago, but here I am two posts in (once this is published).

I imagined a perfect blog.

This week I got over that as this blog is essentially about the journey. It is what it is now and it will change to what it needs to be in the coming weeks. New posts, added features and design changes. This week I went back to the Technical Blogging book and followed it without question.

I’ve started. It should be a while before I get to finish this one. There will be a lot of doing as usual, but doing with results that are good, bad or indifferent.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

A friend of mine is a composer who writes library music. He gets a brief and produces an album of music based on the brief. A typical album contains full-length tracks and both 29-second and 59-second versions for use in adverts. At one time this friend was my lodger. I like music and he would often come home after a day working on a track and play me what he had created, often explaining the brief. I may have been biased, but the tracks were good.

On many occasions, he would turn up the next day and play me his latest effort. I’d listen to it and remind him he had played that track to me yesterday. He’d then tell me about all the things he had been working on, what had been changed, why it had to be changed and most importantly how it made it better. I’d listen to him carefully, but most times we’d eventually agree on one thing.

He’d just spent the day working hard for not much difference. Knowing when to stop is just as important to know what and when to start. It is just a lot more underrated. I find it useful to ask myself: Am I working hard or hardly working? They can feel the same but are different.

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